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Chris Garside             
Jackie Hensley           
Jaymi Hensley           
Barry Hyde                
Dicky Jones               
Sarah Kelly
Jonika Kinchin
Olivia Lynn
Caz Meers
Sarah Meers

Di Newman
Scott Newman
Aimi Percival
Michelle Scowen
Ann Smith
David Thomas
Jody Townend
Julie Walton
Jenny Whelan 
Kye Whitehead
Vicki Whitehead

Join us on THURSDAY 11th & FRIDAY 12th MARCH 2021 at 7.30 pm for The Phoenix Players VIRTUAL evening of music and memories!! 

We invite you all to join previous and current members for an evening of solos, duets, memories, and even ventriloquism! We are thrilled to have such an amazing cast involved (see below) and look forward to seeing you all in our virtual audience!


Emily Albert                 
Jess Albert                   
Sarah Albert                
Richard Alexander       
Hayley Bordiak            
Yasmin Bork                
Maggy Brown             
Courtney Buttigieg    
Oliver Dunn                
Helen Farrar 

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